Ascend in Light

Dena Wvong Sun rise 03 12 15You probably have become aware that everything is energy. If everything is energy how come not everything appears to be the same and not every one is having the same experience? It’s because the energy vibrates at different levels and each vibration is unique. The full spectrum of vibration gives us infinite possibilities of experiences.

If you have ever referred to Planet Earth as Mother Earth you probably have intuitively known that she is a living being. Earth is a living planet and it has been vibrating in a 3rd dimensional field. What people normally call Heaven is the 5th dimensional field, which is an all-powerful state in blue light. The real difference between Heaven and Earth is in the vibration just as it is the same way with everything else.

Planet Earth is making a choice to change its vibration into the 5th dimensional field. We are in an age of ascension, which has started since the new millennium. Ascend to where? Ascend in light. Ascend up into the Light to fulfill the pure joy of being.

What does it mean to us and to our life on Earth? It means that everything remains on Earth must align with this ascension and change its vibration into the 5th dimension. If it doesn’t align it won’t be able to stay on Planet Earth. It also means that we must make a choice to either ascend into the Light or remain in the 3rd dimensional reality.

Everyone on Earth is facing the same choice. Many people are feeling that their lives are going through big changes and they can’t help it. What used to work no longer seems to work. Unresolved business and old issues are surfacing and nothing can remain hidden any more. Some people may choose to embrace the changes, look at their issues, resolve them and let them go. Some may choose to look at their issues and blame it on others, on bad luck, on society, on life. Some may choose to resist looking at what’s being put right in front of their faces and fight against the changes. Everyone is entitled to free choice. Every living being is given the same opportunity to make a choice to go higher or remain in the low vibrational world.

How are you facing the changes in your life? What do you choose?

Are you Light? No matter what your beliefs are the answer is a resounding factual YES! The question is, have you been traveling as Light or pretending to be something else? Do you want to be free from all the 3rd dimensional struggles, hardship, sadness, unfulfillment, unworthiness or whatever that might be holding you back from fully experiencing the simple joy of being the light?

If the Light were calling you home right now, how would you see yourself respond as if you were watching a movie episode? Would you say “One second”, or “Give me five minutes to say what I must say or do” or is it going to be five hours, days, months, years…? What is it that you may not want to let go? What is it that might be holding you back?

I encourage you to be fully present with your self while honestly answering these questions. You can choose to write down the answers. Just be fully present and honest with your self. As you contemplate or meditate on these questions through your day-to-day life, allow the space for all that comes to you, be aware of them, enjoy and have fun!

We are spiritual beings in human bodies having a human experience. I choose to ascend, and I’m calling you to ascend together. I say, “Loosen up fellow Light Beings! We are ascending the journey of light!”

Just envision yourself traveling as light for a moment. The more we loosen up and let go, the less we carry, the lighter we become, the easier and higher we ascend, the freer we are. The lighter the higher, the higher the freer, the freer the lighter, the lighter the higher… Many blessings to you on your journey of ascension if that’s what you choose!