Divine Feminine

EmpressWhat is Divine Feminine? What does it mean to be Divine Feminine on Earth as a human being? Divine Feminine is not limited to women, but as the bearer of the Light we women are here to lead the way.

Divine Feminine is Divine Union. She is complete and whole onto herself leaving no room of separation with her world, whether it’s nature, plants, animals, humans or spirit. She integrates the deep ocean of emotions and the high mountains of mind equally. She is the vitality of the warm rising sun of the day, and she is the peace of the cool soothing moon of the night. She sees her reflection in everything and embraces her opposites with full acceptance. She is her other half, her best Lover, inner soul mate, and doesn’t need anything or anyone to complete her.

Divine Feminine is the wisdom that knows that Unity is the true experience of the Divine and separation is a result of feeding the mind with confusion and judgment. She feeds her mind with divine light and uses the light to cut through the mental confusions that cause her to feel alone, rigid or separated. She keeps her mind clear as an open portal to receive the divine wisdom, divine ideas and divine information.

Divine Feminine is the artiest that creates reality with these divine wisdom, ideas and information. She turns the wheel of fortune by keeping her eyes on the rainbow light of abundance and transforming the light into physical forms of whatever she envisions to create. She sets her spirit free and lets her imagination run like a wild horse in heaven. She waves all elements of her inner self together and constantly lets go of, burns and transforms the old with the passion to create the new.

Divine Feminine is the guardian of life that constantly gives birth to new ideas and creates new seeds of life. She respects all beings of life with compassion and nurtures them equally with unconditional love. She is fully conscious of her existence that imprints the light of all creation, ignites the fire of spirit, inspires the air of mind, regenerates the water of emotions, and protects the earth of body ground. She radiates the joy of being it all, having it all, giving it all and living it all.

Divine Feminine is Equilibrium that keeps her emotionally poised in perfect harmony. She is free from the pull of dualities and does not seek the emotional lows to balance her emotional highs. She is emotionally steady riding through the waves of life events. Standing firmly in her power of love and self-confidence, she embraces all life’s situations equally and glows the joy of inner peace and harmony even in the most seemingly chaos. Like the cactus flowers she fulfills her emotional requirement and blooms in full passion without the need to be watered by others. Like the swimming ducks she shrugs off negative influences and makes her own ripples in ease and grace. She doesn’t require other’s attention or approval to give herself permission to be accepted or loved. She is content and emotionally self-sufficient.

(The picture is the Empress card from Way of the Great Oracle the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, PH.D. )