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Ascending Master


energy healer dena wvong Bermuda sunset croppedHave you awakened spiritually for a while and still feel lack of clarity? Have you learned many tools to raise your energy and still find it challenging to keep your internal state steady?

Do you help people make breakthroughs in their life and it frustrates you so much that you don’t seem to be able to help yourself when you stuck?

Are you concerned that you may not fully awaken this lifetime and have to come back again working through the same issues that you have been working on for many lifetimes? Do you wish to be free from the fear of death and the eternal cycles of reincarnation but don’t know whether it’s possible for you in this lifetime?

Take a deep breath. I know you’ve been through a lot of pain and effort to get to this point, and it’s not an easy path. You are not alone. Hope is right here. Help is on your way.

If you are determined to set yourself free, want to be done with all struggles and discontent and fulfill who you are born to be, you are an Ascending Master and this program is for you.

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Find Your True Self and Life Purpose


DolphinsHave you ever looked into the mirror at yourself and not sure whom you were looking at? From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how much do you love yourself and how satisfied are you with your life right now?

Are you wandering through life feeling stressed without knowing who you truly are or what is your life purpose? Are you busy all the time doing all the things you have to do with little or no time for what you really want for yourself?

Take a deep breath. I know you have been through a lot and life hasn’t been easy for you. No matter how difficult your situation is hope is right here. Help is on your way.

The “Find Your True Self and Life Purpose” Package will take you through a proven system that helps to eradicate your stress and struggles, find your True Self, discover your life purpose and live it fully with ease and grace.

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“Free from Eternal Struggles”     Master Healing

Pre-birth & Inner Child Healing

inner child healing lakeWhat we experienced as a child has a deep impact on our entire life. We often don’t realize that majority of our life’s most traumatic experiences happened when we were in the womb, going through the birthing process or in our childhood. When our inner child experienced intense pain and fear it made decisions about the self, parents, other people and life. Those decisions could get frozen within us in just a few seconds but form negative belief patterns that impact our whole life.

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Past Life Exploration and Healing

Past life healing by Master Exorcist Dena WvongWhat is past life? Whether you believe in past lives or not we can basically agree that life continues. Although we have no scientific evidence of past lives, what if we call every moment before this moment past lives?

Past life healing then is a healing modality that looks at every experience before this moment and heals those traumatized experiences that have continuous negative impact on our lives.

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Spirit Depossession and Releasement

Spirit Depossession by Master Exorcist Dena Wvong The effect of Earth bound spirits is one of the most common occurrences yet perhaps the least talked about occurrences on Earth that affects people’s mental attitude, emotional well being, physical health, daily choices and actions on many levels of being.

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Advanced Light Energization Energy Healing

conscious light energy healer life mentor dena wvongLight Energization™ is a sacred and magical process of Consciousness Expansion in light…This divine healing process brings the clients into sacred light and pure love. It opens up a divine loving space for most appropriate healing, infuses healing light into the client’s energy field…

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