Free from Eternal Struggles Master Healing

Pre-birth & Inner Child Healing

inner child healing lakeWhat we experienced as a child has a deep impact on our entire life. We often don’t realize that a big portion of our life’s most traumatic experiences happened when we were in the womb, going through the birthing process or in our childhood.

During those traumatic experiences we make decisions about the self, other people and life that get frozen within us in just a few seconds but have strong impact on our life until they are healed and released.

The child may grow into an adult while its beliefs and emotions being locked in the womb, the birthing process or early childhood, causing the adult to have physical, emotional or mental problems and live an unfulfilling life with struggles in different areas. Most of the time the root cause of the problems have nothing to do with the symptoms but everything to do with what actually holds within the client’s psyche.

Dena has received the highest standard of training and is capable of holding a high vibration loving space for her clients to feel safe and protected. She is highly skillful in gently guiding her clients to discover the root cause of what they are suffering and make new decisions to effectively change their lives for better.




Suggested Reading:
The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Thomas Verny, M.D.


Past Life Exploration and Healing

Past life healing by Master Exorcist Dena WvongWhat is past life? Whether you believe in past lives or not we can basically agree that life continues. Although we have no scientific evidence of past lives, what if we call every moment before this moment past lives?

Past life healing then is a healing modality that looks at every experience before this moment and heals those traumatized experiences that have continuous negative impact on our lives.

Decisions that people made during past traumatized experiences, especially decisions made during transition or death have perhaps the most significant influence on people’s current lives. The symptoms can be physical dis-ease, emotional issues or mental problems, and the root cause of these problems from the original traumatic events normally has little to do with the symptoms.

For instance a person who continuously suffers from physical injuries might be the result of a past life decision to punish himself through pain. He treats the injuries only to find himself to get hurt again and again. He may continuously get frustrated for always getting hurt by “accidents” until he heals the past trauma and makes a new decision to stop punishing himself.

Another example could be a woman who always suffered from being overweight and can never lost the weight in spite of all efforts. The real cause of her problem wasn’t discovered until she did a past life healing. It turned out that she was sexually abused and killed by men during one past lifetime. As she was dying she made a decision to never look attractive to men again as a way to protect herself. Her past trauma was revealed and healed during the session. Finally she was able to lift the extra weight out of her body after she had released her heavy emotional burden.

Have you ever looked at a couple in a relationship and wondered how could one person tolerate the other so much no matter what? It might be the result from a past life vow that one person will never leave the other again no matter what.




Suggested Reading:
You have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past Lives
by Dr. Edith Fiore


Spirit Depossession and Releasement

Spirit Depossession by Master Exorcist Dena WvongThe effect of Earth bound spirits is one of the most common occurrences yet perhaps the least talked about occurrences on Earth that affects people’s mental attitude, emotional well being, physical health, energy level, daily choices and actions on many levels of being.

The Earth bound spirits are spirits that once lived on Earth in their physical bodies and went through the transition of death. For some reason when they went through death they did not realize that their body had been dead, perhaps they had never been aware of their spirits and that they were not just their physical body.

The result of these spirits not completing the transition of death and moving beyond is that they became Earth bound spirits without physical bodies. They could attach themselves to other living beings for whatever reason they are attracted to that particular being.

The subject of spirit possession, spirit attachment and spirit influence have been talked about and dealt with throughout time. However most people are not aware of the effect of having multiple spirit attachments into the body and mind of a living host while going through their daily life under such effect.

When Earth bound spirits attached to the living hosts they also bring their emotional and behavioral patterns, mental beliefs and habits and even physical conditions to the host. It could happen at the time of conception, in the womb, when the hosts are at a young age or have a weakened energy field. The host often takes on the effect of the Earth bound spirits and think it’s their own issues without realizing it’s not theirs to begin with and they might be living their life for someone else instead of living their own life.

There are many forms of spirit possession, spirit attachment and spirit influence, etc. A general analogy could be you had a very nice house but it had always been occupied by invisible intruders. They speak and take actions through you and run your house and you wonder how come you have never been able to fully relax, do what you really want to do or enjoy life in your house.

There are general indications of Spirit Possession. Character shifts or mood swings, any kind of addiction such as drugs, sex or alcohol and inner voices speaking on a regular basis are strong suggestions of Spirit Possession. Some other indications might be constant low energy, impulsive behavior, memory or concentration problems, the feelings that “this is just not like me” or the feelings of having something coming into the body, etc.

It is possible to be free from the effect of Earth bound spirits and start to live your own life.

The work of Spirit Depossession and Spirit Releasement takes tremendous compassion and focus. It offers a gift of giving life back to the owner of the body so that the owner of the body gets to choose how to live to fulfill his/her life’s true purpose. It also provides divine healing to the lost souls to set them free and are not lost any more. The person who provides such services must be properly trained and authorized to make the work effective and beneficial. Dena has received the highest standard of Master Exorcism Training and is a qualified Master Exorcist to provide such sacred services to mankind.

This service can be given in person or on Skype.




Suggested Reading:
The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession
by Dr. Edith Fiore

Advanced Light Energization Energy Healing

conscious light energy healer life mentor dena wvongAdvanced Light Energization™ is a sacred and magical process of Consciousness Expansion in light pioneered by the late Brazilian healer, Mauricio Panisset, the Man of Light.

This divine healing process brings the clients into sacred light and pure love. It

• Opens up a divine loving space for most appropriate healing
• Infuses healing light into the client’s energy field
• Activates the pineal and pituitary glands
• Releases old energy from the heart and cells and replaces it with universal love energy
• Awakens spiritual memories at the cellular level
• Expands consciousness and spiritual vision
• Opens up the gateway to receive cosmic energy

This miraculous process brings tremendous light and provides profound healing effect to the level of what the clients are ready to receive. It is sacred, gentle and benevolent.

One healing session lasts for an hour. No two sessions are ever the same. It’s best but not mandatory that you wear white clothing for this sacred healing.  This service can be given both in person and long-distance with the same healing effect.