Meet Dena


Dena WvongI have traveled a long way to meet you here. I celebrate this divine moment. No matter where you are from I am talking with you from my heart and soul. No matter what you are looking for there is hope.

I came to this world during the Cultural Revolution in China. The nine months when my mother was pregnant with me was the most difficult time in her life that was filled with physical, emotional and mental tortures.

My mother named me “the Rising Sun at Dawn”, the sun that transforms all darkness into hope, love, and light for the world. Before I could rise up and shine like a Sun I must first find my inner light, which became my life’s journey.

My parents were sent to the remote country when I was six months old and we lived there for five years. It was the poorest country that blessed me with the richest childhood experiences. My mother nurtured me with unconditional love and so did Mother Earth. I was one with my mother, the remote country and everything around me.

My mother passed away when I was 19. My world collapsed. I lost my love for life. Nothing seemed to bear any meaning any more. Life was but a salty river of endless pain and sufferings.

Chanting and reading Buddhist Scriptures was the only thing that provided me any comfort. I wanted to be out of the reincarnation cycles and end all sufferings. Yet it was said that it would take eons of lifetimes. I felt hopeless and wandered through life like a zombie. I knew I would not commit suicide.

I married my only boyfriend from college, not for love or passion but for security and obligations. I remained lifeless until my son was born. Giving birth and nurturing this new life awakened the dormant volcano within me.

Suddenly I realized how unhappy I had been and desired to become alive again. That’s when Jerry came into my life. The sparkling light in his eyes opened up the doorway in my heart. I tried everything to keep the door shut but would not be able to remain lifeless anymore. I knew that I had to follow my heart.

I left China and flew to America in 2000 to marry my dream husband Jerry. Hadn’t found my inner light yet my dreamed paradise turned out to be a roller coaster of frustration, conflict, anger, fight, guilt, loneliness, low self-esteem, despair, and depression.

I worked hard and earned an MBA degree but life felt like a prison. Hidden behind a normal life was the darkest night of my soul. I wanted to be free so I resigned from a well-paid corporate job and put all my efforts into building a business. Three years later I hit a wall. Not knowing where to go I hired a life coach who asked me to get back to nature.

One day I was walking along the mountain creek with my son and our dog. Everything smelled so fresh. My son passed me on his bicycle. As I watched him riding away in simple joy the world suddenly stopped spinning, and I stopped in the middle of the road.

In that split moment I realized that I already had everything I needed and there was nothing else to chase for. That was the turning point that sent me onto a journey of searching for the meaning of life from within.

In April 2010 Jerry was suddenly diagnosed with leukemia and passed away five months later. He told me in tears days before he passed that love was the most important thing in life, and if he were given a second chance he would show me in every way possible. I didn’t understand what he really meant until after he died. It was a gift of love given through his life and death.

Through many tears of deep grieving I realized that in spite of all the challenges, sufferings and conflict love had always been there. Love was everything. My heart was filled with overwhelming gratitude for this profound realization.

Love awakened my inner sun and continued to nurture me along my journey of finding my true self. I met renowned teacher Jeddah Mali who helped to set up a strong foundation of awakened consciousness within me. I became a successful Meditation Facilitator through Jeddah’s training. Later I became a RoHun Doctor after two years of intense exploration into the subconscious and unconscious mind.

When the student is ready the teachers show up. Through serendipity and divine timing along my journey of finding my truth I was blessed to meet some of the most enlightened beings on Earth who have awakened and activated the true Master within me. They taught me through living examples the true meaning of being in service. I was thoroughly trained in Direct Hypnosis and received the highest standards of healing, training, activation and authorization from my master teachers.

It was a journey of finding my true self through transformations from guilt to peace, shame to acceptance, superiority and inferiority to respect, depression to celebration, fear to love, and separation to union. It’s with the deepest gratitude and humility that I can announce to the world that I have grown into a true Master from a timid little girl who had to hide and remain unseen all my life. I commit to stand tall in my truth and walk a living path to bring out the highest expression of my pure being and share my divine gift fully for the well being of all.

I’ve been through hell and darkness to have found my inner light. It’s my honor to be able to hold the light now for those who are looking to find their own light through the tunnel. No matter where you are or what you desire to resolve there is hope and there is a way. If I can turn my life completely around so can you.

Thank you for meeting me here. There is a sacred spring of infinite love in your heart. There is an ancient well of wisdom in your soul. There is a Master within you. It’ll be my honor to walk this path of light right beside you. Many blessings of peace, ease and grace!