Talk to Your Inner Child in the Most Loving Way

Dena Wvong - Love Inner ChildHave you ever noticed your voice when you talked to a most adorable child or the cutest little pet? Did it become softer, tender and spoke much more slowly? Have you ever talked to your inner child in that same way?

You are invited to do an intimate fun game with me, talk to your inner child as the most adorable child you’ve ever known with the most tender voice of a most loving mother/father you’ve ever heard. Talk to her/him as if she/he were an actual child that is with you all the time. Engage it in whatever you do and ask how it feels about everything.

If you were going to see a client or a friend, invite her/him to go with you and ask how she/he feels about it. Ask how she/he would like the food you were going to cook, how she/he likes the food, how she/he would like a walk outside, how she/he likes being in nature, how she/he feels in any given moment when you remember to talk to her/him.

Whenever you talk to your inner child remember to tell her/him how precious you think she/he is and how much you love and appreciate her/him.

If you were alone, talk out loud for both of you to hear your voice. It may feel awkward or funny if you are not used to talk to your inner child this way. Just allow your heart to be open for this new game and notice your experience as you move along.

It’s ok if your voice sounds unnatural to begin with. Appreciate yourself for doing it. Ask how would you talk to the most adorable little kid and simply talk to your inner child that same way.

It feels strange and yet natural and very sweet when I first heard my inner child addressing me as”mama”. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard her response “I love you, too!” while feeling her innocent presence and the precious bond in my heart.

Your inner child is indeed the most adorable one for you to nurture and love. Our heart would not be fully open until we give our inner child full attention and unconditional love, not by taking her/him through deep therapy works or spiritual talks but just by giving her/him love and attention the way a child really needs.

You are the only one who could ever fulfill her/his needs of love, comfort, safety and everything else because you are the one and only most loving nurturing mother/father for your inner child.

May you discover the unity of divine child and divine mother/father within you, in love with grace and joy!