The Magic Spoon

Every night before I go to bed I ask for inspirations, and I often get fresh ideas or realizations the next morning upon wakening. One morning I was in the process of waking up when the story of the magic spoon came to me. It was a story that my father used to tell us when we were very young.

Once upon a time there was this poorest man who was also the most honest guy. He had an old brother who was very rich but very dishonest and stingy. After proving his honesty through tests he was granted the magic spoon. The magic spoon only listened to him and would magically bring him whatever he wished for. He became the richest man. Dena wvong Conscious Heart magic spoon

His brother got very jealous, and used dishonest tricks to steal the magic spoon. However when the brother talked to the magic spoon he was brought the exact opposite of what he wished for. The harder he tried the more he lost. He became mad, very poor and eventually disappeared. The magic spoon went back to the honest brother.

As I was remembering the story it suddenly dawn on me that we all have that magic spoon, the most amazing treasure hidden within. We also have the two brothers within us. The magic spoon only works magic for us when we become honest with our self.

Life is about finding our truth, and our magic spoon that would only respond to truth. The result is becoming the richest you! The truth is simple. Life is simple. When you start to see and speak your truth, your magic spoon will start working for you.

What is the truth then? The truth is you are naturally expansive, light-filled, and harmonious. The truth is you are a beautiful being of love, and every single cell of yours is filled with light. You are born to love and be loved. Life is meant to be lived in peace and harmony, and to fulfill your heart’s highest joy.

Any time you were told anything differently, either by other people or by your self, you were told a lie. We all lied like the dishonest brother and believed the lies as the truth. We lie to our self that others are better, richer, younger, more beautiful, more intelligent, or luckier than we are. We play tricks on our self by believing that we need more things and we must try all means to get what we need.

What we believe manifests as our reality. When we live in our lies we live in the reality that reflects the lies rather than the truth. That’s why we seem to get the opposite of what we try so hard to get, just like the brother. When we come from a place of lacking and not recognizing our worth we become mad and poor, just like the dishonest brother.

How do you know you have everything when it doesn’t appear to be so? You must look within. Your magic spoon is hidden within. You can only become jealous of others when you look outside at what others have without realizing that you have the same magic power within you.

You have the magic power to bring into reality whatever you wish for. But you must first speak the magic language of truth. When you speak your truth it opens up the doorway of all the magic of life. It opens up the gateway of love and light. You can fill your life with love, joy, peace and harmony, just the way it’s meant to be.